The Nikon Waterproof Camera

  1. alan
  2. May 15, 2013 7:06 pm

The Nikon Waterproof Camera

Nikon is the market leader for optical instrumentation, includes cameras, microscopes, etc. They recently launched the COOLPIX AW100, which is waterproof and suitable for extreme adventures.

The Nikon Waterproof Camera, the COOLPIX AW100 is a professional camera, which is waterproof, freezeproof and even shockproof. You can take pictures during extreme adventures. Equipped with the 16.0-MP CMOS sensor and 5x Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens, the COOLPIX AW100 is able to take fast-action and low-light movies and photos. With the GPS and electronic compass, the COOLPIX AW100 can help to record the geography data for your photos.

Waterproof, Freezeproof & Shockproof

During extreme adventures, you might need to shoot at extremely low temperatures, diving to higher depths. The COOLPIX AW100 is waterproof, freezeproof and even shockproof to sustain during the above adventures. The Nikon Waterproof Camera can still take the excellent quality of photos and movies. With the exclusive Action Control, users can even control the camera with the gloved hands.

16.0 MP CMOS Sensor

Nikon Waterproof Camera, COOLPIX AW100 16 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS and Full HD 1080p Video (Black)  Camera   Photo

Equipped with the 16.0 MP CMOS sensor, the Nikon Waterproof Camerais strong to capture movies and photos in extremely low light intensity. For instance, normal cameras cannot take photos at the dark cave, or when the sun was just set. With the 16.0 MP CMOS sensor, the COOLPIX AW100 has the ability to take low noise and excellent image quality photos. The one-touch control can even help to take three shots in one second. Therefore, you will not miss any important moments.

Full HD (1080p) Videos with Stereo Sound

The COOLPIX AW100 is good to take videos in high density, which is in 1080p. The quality of the movies is as good as what showing in the theatre. Attaching the Nikon Waterproof Camera to your gear, you can easily take videos of your friends during adventures, such as swimming, and snowboarding rush, etc.

Built-in Electronic Compass & GPS

Built-in GPS, the COOLPIX AW100 is able to record the GPS records for your photos. With the help from the Nikon’smyPicturetown®, the software helps to track the GPS records of your photos and share in the Google Earth™ or photo sharing site. Your friends shall get the most updated status or progress on your adventures.

With the Electronic Compass, the system helps to act as the additional safety measure when you are get loss during the adventure. The system will guide you and confirm the right branch to take.

Exclusive Action Control

One of the invocative features from the Nikon Waterproof Camera is the Action Control. Traditional cameras are not suitable for extreme adventures, because they seldom have fingers to control the cameras, especially when the hands are enclosed by gloves.

With the Action Control, the camera can help to adjust the camera settings automatically. For instance, they can select the camera effects, including white and black, or selective filters. With the underwater mode, the Nikon Waterproof Camera can even maintain the colorful images.

 From the above discussion, you shall understand that there are several excellent features for the Nikon Waterproof Camera, COOLPIX AW100.